2019 Apostle 106

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Built in the new RMU factory, powered only by renewable energy



After 5 years and 15 awards RMU’s apostle 105 has officially been retired. Leaving many to wonder what additions are coming. The 2.0 not only stepping it up but living up to some big expectations.

New features are the progressive radius and elliptical tip rocker that make for a more efficient ski. The Apostle 106 builds upon the highlights the orginal but features a longer contact surface for better performance on hard pack and a fatter shovel where it matters for quick planning in deep snow. This ski is truly a solution for those who need one ski that can do it all.


Ski Size Dimensions Radius Weight Wood Weight Carbon Weight Metal
Centimeters Milimeters Meters Grams Per Pair Grams Per Pair Grams Per Pair
Apostle 106 185 118-133-106-126-118 18
Apostle 106 175 118-129-106-125-116 17.3 3280 2820 3459



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