2019 Apostle 89

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Built in the new RMU factory, powered only by renewable energy



RMU has expanded upon the Apostle family with the new Apostle 89. Available in metal, carbon and wood - this size with the new Apostle chassis offers a solution for every skiers quiver. At 89 underfoot this ski turns on a dime and is the best size in the apostle family for those considered with transfer of energy to the edge. Built with a progressive radius and the technology of its award-winning bigger brothers, this ski has a strong hold in versatility. With a rockered tip and tail, the 89 won’t leave you high and dry on a powder day either. For those looking for a touring weapon that can perform in bounds on all terrain the 89 is the ski of choice.

Ski Size Dimensions Radius Weight Wood Weight Carbon Weight Metal
Centimeters Milimeters Meters Grams Per Pair Grams Per Pair Grams Per Pair
Apostle 89 185 99-112-89-106-99 18.7
Apostle 89 175 99-112-89-106-99 17 2800 2440 3188



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