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You get new skis every season at our monthly payment rate.  You simply choose between a monthly or yearly rate when you sign up for your SEVEN4 membership.   As a new member your skis will ship by the time the snow flies in the fall. You will ski them all year round with whatever binding you want until the snow melts.  You then return your skis and then receive the updated model and you replace your old ski for a new one.  If you would like to keep your skis you can buy them out at the end of the season and continue on with your membership and receive a new ski once paid off.

Skis are not included in the Basic Society plan.

Exclusive discounts and deals at RMU Breckenridge and RMU Whistler.

  • $3 Canned Beers
  • $5 On all draft beer
  • 20% off all retail items
  • 20% off RMU Whistler food and coffee
  • $20 demos

Every SEVEN4 Society member will receive a RMU welcome package. This will include a society only tech tee, hat, patch, sticker and your RMU Season pass.


When you join the SEVEN4 Society you will gain monthly access to the society only webstore. This page will unlock society only products, like custom soft goods, equipment and packs. You will also unlock society only discounts on all RMU products on the web store.


By joining the SEVEN4 Society you will gain access to exclusive unreleased products. We will open up our garage to you and allow discounted pricing on products we are developing and testing. You also will be part of the RMU design process while gaining new gear at a discounted price.


All members will gain access to lodging discounts with our partner LOGE. You will unlock up to 55% off on lodging around the country!


You will gain exclusive access to RMU content from our athletes and staff. We will use your input as well to design our new products and tailor our products to the people who use them the most!



What if I like my skis?

You can buy out the remaining balance and keep your skis.  Once paid off you will receive your choice of next years skis and continue your membership.

What if I just want to buy them outright anyways?

All skis are still available through the regular way of doing things. This program is for anyone interested skiing the latest skis every year.

I hate monthly payments...can I just pay upfront and be a part of the program?

Yes, just sign up for the yearly option.

What if I become a member and its the absolutely worst thing in the world and I want nothing more than to go back to the regular way?

Our brand is a community,... Don't fret just get in touch we will find a way to make sure you are happy.  This program is intended to help get people into skis easier and more affordably.

Can I use my society discount at RMU locations?






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