At RMU we understand that skiing isn't always smooth groomers, and bottomless powder. As a result we build our skis tough, so we'll do our best to address any manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product within these guidelines:

Abuse, neglect, normal wearing, and poor equipment maintenance voids this warranty. Structural damage incurred while skiing hard, while commendable, will only be eligible for warranty if the damage is beyond normal wear and tear and not due to defective materials or workmanship.  

-top sheet chipping due to crossing tips

-rail and box impact


-running into jerry

-using as walking sticks to the lift

-flying off roof racks

-sitting in the rain all summer

-not repairing minor damages resulting in major damages

-"accidentally" going through a wood chipper

All warranties must be from original purchaser on new full priced skis that have been registered through RMUskis.com

All warranties must be supported by a dated copy of the proof of purchase and authorization obtained from the warranty department.

Warranties without a proof of purchase will be evaluated by the warranty department to determine the appropriate actions taken.

Skis will be replaced if they are found to be defective in materials or workmanship by the warranty department.

Unused items can be returned for an exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase.

Please send  inquiries to the warranty department at Warranty@rockymountainunderground.com. Please attach pictures, proof of purchase, serial number, and brief description of what the issue is. From here, we are willing to investigate the ski damage, and determine the next step to resolve the issue at hand (will most likely ask them to be shipped to the Flagship store, shipping is on the customer but RMU will cover the returning of the product). If we deem it non warrantable, we will try to offer solutions to get you back on our product.

Warranties will be resolved as received, and as timely as they can. As much as we want to get you on a new product over night, sometimes it takes some time. PLEASE BE PATIENT. We will keep you informed with every step taken.

Play safe and pray for snow!!!



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