2020 Valhalla 97

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The Valhalla 97 was designed by women for ripping skiers. RMU enlisted the help of Olympian Keri Herman and the local Breckenridge community of female skiers to design an all mountain ski perfect for any condition. 

The Valhalla 97 has added a longer radius and more effective edge from its predecessor (Valhalla 95) to increase stability and speed . Its matched with a brand new low rise rocker to allow it to slash pow and carve groomers from top to bottom.

Keris description, "I wanted to create the most fun ski ever that would perform in every single scenario possible. The most fun ripping turns on groomers, buttering off rollers, hitting big jumps and rails, going super fast in the steeps, shredding big mountain and all terrain that you can find. I wanted one ski that would perform optimally in every location so I don't have to bring a bunch of different skis everywhere. I'm positive that we created this because the prototype is SO poppy, playful, whippy, turny, spinny, buttery and amazing! "

RMU Poplar and Beech Wood core: Built to make the most playful ski on the hill. Our full wood core skis were made to have fun. This construction is quick edge to edge and holds a ton of pop to exit a turn or connect sections in the air. We engineered a cnc'd beech mounting plate for supreme binding retention and to dampen the ski underfoot.



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