2020 YLE Pro 118
2020 YLE Pro 118
2020 YLE Pro 118

2020 YLE Pro 118

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Pow surfing, big mountain, slaying


Built in the new European RMU factory, powered only by renewable energy and supported with the RMU lifetime warranty on manufacturers defects


Wiley Miller teamed up with RMU to develop a playful, surfy powder ski in waist widths that anyone could find reasonable.  These skis feature surfboard-like shaping.  The idea is to have the ski surf in the deep but rail turns on the groomed.  These skis rally high edge-angle turns, drift with silky smooth feel on wind-board, and a entirely catch-free in crud and chopped snow. 

"A true do-it-all, big-mountain ski worthy of Wiley’s name" -Freeskier Magazine

  • Shape: Symmetric surf shaped 5 point
  • Side Cut: 137-139-118-132-126
  • Radius: 25m with Blended Progressive Golden Radius 
  • Camber: 420mm (Tip) - 1120mm (Camber) - 320mm (Tail)
  • Rocker: 75mm Tip Height - 45mm Tail Height
  • Construction: Built to last w/ a Responsive Poplar wood core, Indestructible Beech-wood mounting plate,  Extra durable 2.2mm thick edges, and Pleasantly damp tip-to-tail triaxial weave fiberglass laminate.
  • Damping: 8.5mm ABS side wall for impact protection w/ Extra-reinforced VDS rubber
  • Base:  Extra hard and fast OKULEN 7150-C graphite-sintered base material






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