Stand Apart Not Alone Tee
Stand Apart Not Alone Tee
Stand Apart Not Alone Tee

Stand Apart Not Alone Tee

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RMU is a community.

Community means doing our part.

Buy a tee and we will donate proceeds to people in need, in our hard hit mountain towns.

Building and supporting the culture of the communities we live and play in is what we do. Yeah, we make skis and packs, but we call RMU an Outdoors Culture Company for a reason. The reason is that each and every one of our staff, patrons and friends is part of the culture that defines our brand. At the heart of everything we do, as a company and as part of this industry we care so much about, are people.

With the recent development of COVID-19, the people who built outdoor communities, the staff, find themselves in a very tough situation. These people made huge sacrifices to be closer to the outdoors and share their passion with others. Now, for reasons beyond their control, they are getting forced out of their jobs, towns and homes. Like every other business in the mountains, we're living through the heartbreak and distress that comes from being forced to let people go. The only hope we can offer is that it's only for now.

No matter what happens, the events we're living through will change our culture and communities as we know them. As an outdoor culture company, we have an obligation to do everything in our power to support the people in our beloved mountain towns through these crazy times. 

Today, we're launching a run of special edition shirts in an effort to raise money for mountain staff who find themselves out of work and in need of financial help. It's not much, just a run of t-shirts. But all proceeds raised from the sale of our "Stand Apart, Not Alone" shirts will go into the pockets of people in our mountain communities who need it. 

We wish everyone good health and good fortune in these wild times. If we all do our part, we'll get out of this stronger on the other end.

Stand apart, not alone.
Allow up to a week to process as we are building these per order.


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